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Mezeler  meze

Marinated Feta 00
garlic, herb puree, paprika (v)
Mixed Olives  00
oregano, fennel seed, pul biber (v/ve)
Humus*  00
tahini, parsley, pickled onion & cucumber, sesame (v/ve)
Muhammara*  00
charred pepper, tomato, walnut, yogurt, puffed grains (v)
Eggplant*  00
roasted, pomegranate molasses, garlic crisps (v/ve)
Salted Cucumber Yogurt*  00
coriander, mint, dill, garlic, urfa pepper (v)
Russian Salad  00
marinated potatoes, mustard, preserves, cured egg (v)
Braised Greens  00
garlic, red onion, crispy chickpeas, tahini (v/ve)
Stuffed Pastry Rolls  00
spinach, cumin, salted cheese, phyllo
Zucchini Fritters  00
dill, green onion, lemon, feta (v)
Pan Seared Prawns  00
garlic, fennel, lemon, Aleppo pepper
Pickles  00
fresh & fermented vegetables (v/ve)

*served with flatbread


Aile • Family Style

for 2 or more • limited supply • allow 35 minutes

Tomahawk Steak  00
pomegranate demi, schug Fine herb salad
Whole Roasted Fish of the Day  00
toum, local greens, sumac

We’ll take it from here!

Chef’s Tasting Menu
Courses allotted to table size • full table participation
Beverage pairing optional

Salata & Tahta  Salads & Boards

Shepard Salad  00
tomato, cucumber, onion, parsley, basil (v/ve)
Green Salad  00
from local producers
White Beans  00
pickled alliums, sweet tomatoes, tahini dressing, poached egg
Charcuterie Board  00
local and Turkish cured meats, cheeses, pickles, preserves


Firin • From The Oven

Lahmacun • Turkish Pizza

minced beef, red onion parsley, tomato, lemon wedge

Pide • Turkish Flatbread
with Kasar Cheese 

Sucuk 00
cured spicy Turkish sausage 
Kiymali  00
minced beef, red onion, parsley
Peynir  00
cheese blend (v)
Sebze  00
artichokes, black onions, tomato, eggplant salt (v)


Buyuk • Large Plates

Turkish Meatballs  00
tomato sauce, pickled peppers, sὓzme
Grilled Chicken Wings 00
garlic, pul biber, red pepper marinade
Roasted Half Chicken  00
sumac & za’tar brined, chemen rub
Braised Lamb  00
eggplant & kasar puree, red wine, micros
Manti Dumplings  00
braised beef, garlic crisps, mint yogurt, chili
roasted mushroom, eggplant bechamel, garlic crisps, mint yogurt, chili (v)